Total Brand Blueprint

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Brand

Strategic one-on-one sessions to build your brand

If you’re overwhelmed by the complexity of branding, confused about selecting the right visual elements, or struggling to adapt your brand’s voice to your ideal client, this is the solution you’ve been searching for. After creating your Total Brand Blueprint you will:

→ attract clients who are ready to buy

→ boost brand visibility and stand out from the crowd

→ access strategies designed to maximize revenue

Your Brand's Journey to Success

Total Brand Blueprint package is an investment in your brand’s future, ensuring it resonates deeply with your target audience. This holistic approach is spread across four strategic meetings, each focused on a pivotal aspect of branding:

  1. Brand Fundamentals: Dive deep into the core of your brand. We’ll define your client avatar and brand archetype, ensuring your brand’s foundation is strong and relatable.

  2. Brand Voice and Identity: Elevate your brand with a compelling voice and clear identity. From your brand mission to key messaging, we’ll define they key words that speak directly to your audience’s hearts.

  3. Brand Visual Identity: Visuals tell your brand’s story. Together, we’ll create a captivating Brand Mood Board, select colors and fonts that reflect your essence, and design a logo that stands out.

  4. Creating a Brand Book: Consolidate your brand’s elements into a comprehensive Brand Book. This essential tool will guide your brand’s expression across all platforms, maintaining consistency and integrity.

Exclusive Offerings Just for You

  • Custom-Made Logo: A logo designed by Kasia herself, ensuring uniqueness and alignment with your brand’s ethos.
  • Unwavering Support: Throughout the process, Kasia is here to guide, advise, and support, turning your vision into reality.
  • Brand Book :The outcome of the collaboration will be a comprehensive Brand Book, serving as your essential roadmap for navigating your business.

Seize the Moment - Special Bonus Included

Act by Wednesday 7th of February, and you’ll receive an extraordinary bonus – custom Instagram Templates and banners for Facebook and LinkedIn, designed to amplify your brand’s presence on social media.