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My name is Kasia van ‘t Schip – Giska, I am a happy wife, passionate traveler, sporty girl who enjoys the Burgundian lifestyle and romantic comedies! I was born in a small town in Poland, but I was always very curious about the world. That’s why I studied and worked abroad and also traveled a lot. Currently, I’m living in a bit windy and rainy but very beautiful Netherlands together with my husband Ricardo and our cute dog Tofik!

My path

I remember that when I was a little girl, I could not imagine that I can achieve anything in my life. I had very low self-confidence, mainly due to my lazy eye and chubbiness, which made me feel worthless. For many years I had to live with my complexes.

The only thing that kept my spirits up was my good academic performance and artistic talent. However, my lack of self-confidence prevented me from following my heart and starting studies at the art academy. I followed the mind and chose the economy.

During my studies, I found a specialist who operated on my eye and since then I have felt the wind in my wings.

Kasia Giska Personal Branding

I started my career in logistics, then moved to supply and demand planning, but I felt it was not it. Not doing what I love made me feel exhausted, burned out, and unhappy. At one point, I decided to change everything. I left a safe, well-paid full-time job in Suppl Chain Management and followed my passion to become professionally fulfilled. Most importantly, to do at work what I love, and what is consistent with me with my personality and values.

I decided to create a business that inspires and helps ambitious women like me to build successful brands. I chose to focus on personal branding and help them to believe in themselves, become visible, and pursue their dreams.

My Team


“Marta is a fantastic make-up artist with years of experience and a great portfolio! We’ve been working together for a few years and really enjoy it. I can always count on Marta to show up on time and provide top-quality, professional work. She has an impressive skill set! Except for makeup, she can also create beautiful hairstyles. She is able to use her talent to make any client look their very best.” 

Check Marta’s portfolio here!



Ania specializes in building websites, stores, and automation! She knows all the technical details! Together we created my website. It was such a great job that we decided to continue to work together and help other business owners to create beautiful and functional websites.

Check Ania’s portfolio here!

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